Chocolate with more chocolate cake

This was a chocolate cake with super yummy chocolate icing and sprinkles that I made for the farewell of one of the nicest ladies I have ever come across working in our student services division. Very patient, kind, friendly, and always up for some gossip.

Sad times must always be met with chocolate.

img_5265       img_5267                              img_5262    img_5259

100+ classes of pain

So I love Xtend Barre. And my favorite instructor is the hardest and pushes to to limits of ricidulousness but there is a reason I am as fit as I am – her!! So to celebrate doing 100+ classes with her (that’s 90 hours, and out of my 350+ classes in less than two years) I made her this cake! One of my favorite so far – just vanilla cake and buttercream but it was alternating light and dark green inside!