16 December, 2016

I want to get through today’s scheduling nightmare and get onto my Christmas baking this weekend!


14 December, 2016

My new mantra for my younger students is to be selfish in their career/professional choices. There is no collateral damage when you’re twenty, as you get older you have to make compromises so I want them to make the most of their opportunities now.

9 December, 2016

Sat down and chatted to a stranger for 1.5 hours as a part of ‘Feast of Strangers’ – was actually really great! It made me realise how much I have grown since being at uni and how much more confident I am in being honest about myself which is great.

7 December, 2016

Really could not be bothered working on my methods for my thesis – but, I was obedient to past Francesca, sat down with a coffee and ended up really enjoying it! And also wrote 1,000 words, who knew.