Oops… I forgot to schedule.

I think I am quite organised. In fact, the most accurate descriptor a friend has given me is “intimidatingly thorough”. So when I read this article, I felt a little bit of shame – I am a big believer of goals (i..e my submission at 3 years), but, amongst the stress of everything, I had forgotten to schedule. How could I??

With less than five months of my PhD left (but, with 2/5 thesis content completed), I am trying to be super realistic that I am finishing soon and need to get cracking. But I have so many meetings with students and stakeholders, it is getting ridiculous.

I need a schedule. I think where I have come undone in my PhD is that when I schedule my lab work, as it is cell work, it sometimes goes in very different ways and my schedule gets thrown out. But, with things like writing my lit review (argh, will it ever be done?? Although mind you this is lit review #2..!) I have to block out time in my schedule, and be less flexible if people want meetings. I now treat Mondays as my meeting days as they are typically pretty unproductive, and so I need to allocate time to lab work, reading, and writing.

Excuse me while I go and work on my calendar…


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