Where is my motivation fairy?

I have been blaming my lab mate, who is on the precipice of submission. It is so easy to chat about anything, really, when people around you are on the slowing-down part of the rollercoaster. But, actually, it is all on me (sigh). I am great at displacement activities, and do a lot of things external to my PhD which have given me invaluable growth and experience, although not contributing one word to my thesis.

I finished two manuscripts, sent them off, edited one again, sent it off again, and really, just can’t be bothered with my lab work. Which sucks, because it is hopefully the last round of primaries I will have to do in my PhD *fingers crossed*. I think my problem is that I am lacking direction for my last chapter of my thesis, as the results I found are interesting but difficult to relate to what I really need to. Pair with that essentially absent supervision, meetings where I am sent on wild goose chases, and needing to get data from an experiment I have never done before and need to rely on someone else to not completely fail at it.

I am avoiding the tricky stuff, and I need to face up to it (sigh). I need to plan my experiments, outline a story for the chapter, order all of my antibodies ($$$$$), book equipment – oh, and write that (second bloody) lit review. Teaching is over, and I am handing over some of my Fifty50 responsibilities: it’s time. Game time! (eek!)